BlueSky Technology
BlueSky Technology

Information Technology

  1. Sales Service

  Hardware:desktop computers, laptops, printers,
                  monitor,server,storage device, video conferencing,
                  routers, switch hubs, firewall, VPN.

  Software: operating systems, office and business applications,
                 terminal security and management, data backup and
                 restoration, system management, email and network
                 security systems.

  2. Configuration Service

Our service team consists of a group of professional engineers having a wide range of IT skills in computer setup, hardware systems, network equipments, application servers, and workstations setup.
For the large-scale service, we will deliver an expert team on-site to study the client's office environment in order to define any limitation, necessary conditions or preparation needed for proposal. We will explain to communicate with the client for any issues and getting approvals before the installation or data migration services.

  3. Implementation Service

BlueSky Technology strictly accords the preset conditions and client requirements as the testing scheme before implementation to client for user acceptance. We also provide comprehensive training to client staff to maximize the effectiveness of the implementation and help the client to achieve its expected benefits & returns.

  4. Support Service

Customer Hotline receives and follow-up the calls, remote diagnostics, deliver engineers on-site for hardware maintenance or replacement service.