BlueSky Technology
BlueSky Technology

Website Design

BlueSky Technology provides professional web design service to various enterprises to promote the corporate image and expand their businesses. According to the client's needs and requirements, we provide the tailor-made website with our professional ideas. Starting from the feasibility study, we carry out every development stage systematically, fully understand the client needs that they may be neglected themselves, and hand over the works with full client satisfactions.

The rich features for web design may have: static and gradient images, color-changing animation and special visual effects, customer service, FAQ, business bews etc. The high flexibility and alternative must fulfill the various requirements from different clients.

We also provide free value-added services on behalf of client:

- Application of Domain Name for new website.

- Finding Web Hosting Supplier.

- Opening of Corporate Email Accounts.

To achieve the client's goal and requirement, the following effective steps could help the development smooth and successful:

1.Understanding of project goal and aims, characteristics,
   corporate identities, features and functions required.

2.General understanding of the client company's background
  and business nature.

3.Acquired related pictures from client according to the goals
  and aims.

4.After the initial study, BlueSky Technology submits the
   proposal and introduces the outline design with prototype.

5.According to the client's feedbacks to amend the design for
   the final version.

6.BlueSky Technology submits the final design after

7.Client acknowledges and confirms that the revised version.

8.BlueSky Technology completes the development and
  demonstrates to the client for final tuning.

9.Launch the website online after user acceptance.