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Wi Fi Network

Wireless City: Applying P2W products, MeshRanger Series of Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Mesh Network Router, whether it is the municipal building department or ISP service providers are able to set up immediately a real support 802.11n 300Mbps of Wireless Mesh Agreement Internet backbone. Without any wiring, eliminating the digging works, nor even a significant impact on all the normal daily work, whether it is a designated area or an entire city can use our Wireless Mesh Network Technology in a few days to complete the entire network coverage.

Educations: Interactive E-learning at any level of education are seen as an inevitable trend. Most of schools have been completed, or are considering, Wi Fi installed in every classroom. The MeshRanger allows all students in the classroom can simultaneously access the Internet, watch live video, or downloading large files prepared by the teacher. Our patented Back-N technology, providing the world's only true Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Network 300Mbps. You can easily transmit real-time audio, video and data, do not spend much time in almost completely wirelessly over a period of long-distance, or connect to your remote site to 300Mbps Multi-Hop Wireless Backbone.

Security Surveillance: In Security Monitoring (CCTV), Wi Fi Mesh Network from P2W can provide the real-time monitoring by the world's fastest-to-end wireless bandwidth with 300Mbps 802.11n. The Wireless Mesh Network transmitted the monitoring images quickly via Wi-Fi with the lowest cost and minimal deployment time. It enables security services for a variety of corporate, real estate, warehouses and factory property management companies. With our world's only MeshInfinity technology, the monitoring area can quickly be extended to any zero blind spots. P2W MeshProvision Server allows the staff to obtain the real-time monitoring screens via the internet, even up to achieve monitoring purposes just by a finger. With the VoIP service connecting to the internet alarm system, the security system can also notify police officers immediately

Disaster Rescure: The emergency communications in the disaster scene of life and death rescue operations are the most important. However, due to lines and power supply interruptions, communication is often impossible. And this will hinder the victim issued a distress signal, thereby reducing their chance of survival. Use P2W MeshRescue platform, an emergency backup battery with wireless Mesh network, will be able to maintain the entire disaster site to provide critical emergency communications through Wi Fi access. As long as he has any compatible Wi - Fi equipment, emergency rescue teams and people trapped in the disaster site will be able to maintain communication with the outside world. Use P2W MeshRescue platform in disaster site, the emergency teams can instantly set up a unified communication network to make real-time applications such as video conferencing, VoIP and data transmission. Thus, the control unit will be able to rescue the rescue easily track during each rescue team member, even trapped people live instant location and status. With all of the real-time information, even when all devices when a failure occurs, the rescue team leader can make an accurate decision.