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As different requirements and purposes, CCTV is using the camera to capture the digital images and transfer to the console for different processes: recording & broadcasting images, remote monitoring, video analysis, split screen display or playback. BlueSky Technology provides one-stop network monitoring services by the best appropriate solutions with professional ideas. Coupled with state-of-the-art network monitoring equipment, CCTV is capable of efficient management and monitoring in all areas business for client. The full range of products is wide from "entry-level for personal & family" to "high-end models for multi-store monitoring".

For the passage security in the buildings, CCTV as an electronic system helps to monitor every corner by setting up a group of hidden cameras. Further use of advanced network technology, it allows the computer or mobile devices remote monitoring via internet, by this, it forms a multi-point remote monitoring system with the very low-cost investments. The BlueSky Technology faithfully provides free installation and wiring consulting services, please feel free to call us for details.

CCTV Features:

- Via a wired or wireless network transmission, remote
   monitoring the shop, home, office, etc.

- Online viewing by a delegated user group simultaneously.

- Viewing via dedicated software or general web browsing that
   without geographical restrictions.

- A high-speed broadband with the router can simultaneously
   monitor multiple webcams.

- Simultaneous viewing and recording all webcams.

- Split screen viewing for multi-locations.

- Preset-time of recording and non-recording schedule.

- Preset-expiry-date for video clips.

- Searching desired video clips by branches / cameras / date &

- Output to AVI file or playback on PC.

- Low-cost, easy to install, simple operation, expandable &
   flexible but integration.