BlueSky Technology

Company Introduction

BlueSky Technology is the consultancy provider applying the Information Technology as the core, having experiences over quarter century of the IT development history. We are providing clients with a "Comprehensive Solution Plan" about the "Computer Hardware & Software", "Networking", "Multimedia" and "Application Systems" etc.

Different professional teams in Hong Kong and Guangzhou provide the high quality and reliable services to the clients in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta. We submit the appropriate IT solutions to help client adapting to the ever-changing market, responding quickly to maintain their profitability!

As we are purely facing to clients problems, BlueSky Technology provides the blueprint of the strategic plan with an integrated IT solutions, helps client to meet the business development needs in the short to medium term.

Business Introduction

As the "System Integration Consultant", BlueSky Technology provides:
     - Office Automation Equipment
     - Comprehensive Integrated IT Solutions
     - IT Management & Maintenance
     - Enterprise Applications System and Infrastructure Solutions

Conclusively, our core business services are classified as:
         1. Digital Signage
         2. Print Ads
         3. Website Design
         4. Information Technology
         5. Systems Development
         6. CCTV

BlueSky Technology could help clients to achieve success in everywhere by our intensive IT experiences, multiple IT solutions, rapid configuration service and strong optional & flexible choices.

Professional Experience

Since 80's in commercial areas, the running platform evolved from mainframe computer to mobile devices nowadays, BlueSky Technology witness the evolution and development of IT technology.

Rich experiences enables us to serve various enterprises with the best professional advices, perfect integrated solutions and latest technologies to meet the different needs of enterprises, help them to get highest rate of returns with the appropriate investments.